Shirtless and sexy; strange day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve said this so many times maybe I should skip saying it again, but there are some young men who should almost never wear a shirt. Why cover up all that smooth skin and those rippling muscles.? Such guys owe us the right to enjoy their beauty as much as possible, I think.

I mean, check out Mr. Black Briefs to the left here. He’s a total babe, and look at his torso. Pure perfection and definitely boyfriend material. I wonder who he is and where he lives?

Well, my day started out very strangely. I suffer from a benign disease called Dupruyton’s contracture. It’s a collagen buildup in the palms of my hands that can cause certain fingers to start bending. Today an orthopedic surgeon injected two vials of collagenase into my left hand, which hurt like hell when he was doing it, but whatever.

Wednesday I’ll see the doctor again to stretch my hand and break up the excess collagen in that hand. This disease is common among middle-aged men of northern European descent. So I guess I can thank my German ancestors for handing (no pun intended) me down this problem.

I will have to go through another round of injections in my right hand sometime in the near future. Oh, boy.

Anyway, the procedure and three hours of driving time to northeast Tampa ate up a total of four hours. Afterward I could go to the gym because my hand was hurting so badly. I took a three-mile walk on the beach instead. I also took some Tylenol for my pain and it really helped a lot.

I’m  not planning much for my evening. I ave a Netflix rental to watch while eat dinner by myself, and that’s about it. Have a nice Monday, friends.

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