Boys relaxing in public places; easy Wednesday ahead for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I guess some guys carry a quality camera around with, and sometimes they’ll get lucky, like the photographers who shot the photos I am posting here this morning. I find both photos highly sensual, especially because the subjects had no idea they were being photographed. It makes the shots all that more interesting, I think. Would you agree?

I woke up around seven AM this morning, feeling groggy and out-of-sorts, I don’t know why. I got up and made breakfast and a pot of coffee. I read the newspaper, and then I went back to bed for 90 minutes. I think I needed the rest. Now it’s ten AM and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee. Some folks form Michigan are coming to look at my vacation rental for possibly renting it for the month of April next year. (Yeah, people have to reserve early for places around here.)

After lunch I’ll drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming session. I don’t have anything planned for my evening; I’ll just chill at home. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

One thought on “Boys relaxing in public places; easy Wednesday ahead for Martin ….

  1. There are photographers who DO walk around with fancy cameras and take pictures all day long. These two you show are rare items you will not find normally. They are not to be seen unless you accidentally notice while walking around … but camera guys look for such and they are rare finds. PERFECT finds to me ! ( DO NOT DISTURB ! ) ♂☮

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