Sexy guys, fast asleep; easy day ahead for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I like photos of cute guys who are fast asleep. They remind me of my days at the fraternity house. My roommate, John, was sexy as hell. And he took frequent naps. I’d come home from class and find him sleeping in his bunk bed. (Mine was on top.) He either slept naked or in his briefs, and the sights were stellar. Oh, John, where are you today?

I spent a nice evening with a friend who I hosted for dinner, and then I spent an hour or so reading in bed before falling asleep. I was tired after spending many hours in the sun yesterday, volunteering for my community’s music festival. I slept in late this morning, and now I’m getting a little housework done before I take a three-mile walk on the beach.

Outside the sun is shining and a nice breeze is helping keep things cool. I have correspondence to take care of and some bills to pay, so I’ll stay busy. I’ll attend the music festival this evening, and that will be my day. Nothing too exciting, but that’s all right. Have a nice Saturday, friends.

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