Boys and their cameras; easy Saturday ahead for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Most selfies are terrible. I’m always seeing shampoo bottles or Mom’s bathrobe in the background. 🙁 But sometimes the guys in the photos are simply irresistible, like the boy to the left. Okay, I don’t like earrings on guys, but I do find that treasure trail dribbling from his navel pretty sexy. 😉

I’m up early, and that’s for a reason. This morning my ex-partner graduates from law school, and I will attend the ceremony with mixed emotions. I’m proud of his accomplishment, but sad about the fact we’re not together anymore. Well, life goes on.

Aside from attending the ceremony I don’t have much on my plate for today. The ceremony is at 8:30 this morning, so I should be home by eleven AM or so, in plenty of time to take a leisurely three-mile walk on the beach.

This guy to the left here I have nicknamed the “Selfie Babe”. You can see a lot more of him elsewhere. I will provide a link at the bottom of this post. Isn’t he hot?

Every three months our community association sponsors a street party about five blocks from my house, and that’s happening tonight. There is a live band, food vendors, and a beer truck, and I will definitely attend. Hell, I can even walk there. So that’s how I’ll spend a good part of my evening.

Around four this afternoon I’ll take a two-mile run, here on the island, for a little exercise. And that’s going to be my day, folks. I know it doesn’t sound too exciting, but I’m fine with it.

All right, everyone, I need to get dressed for the graduation ceremony, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Saturday, wherever you might be. Keep smiling, and here’s that Selfie Babe link:

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