Cute guys wearing eyeglasses; quiet Sunday on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Some people think that eyeglasses detract from a young man’s appearance, but I disagree, at least in some cases. The right pair of glasses can actually enhance a guy’s appearance, like the two young men in today’s photo posts. I mean, look at the guy in the upper photo. Who could resist pouncing on him?

Well, I survived my ex-partner’s law school graduation ceremony, which was actually very well done and mercifully short considering over 250 students had to receive their diplomas. None of the speakers dragged out their remarks, and there were even three bagpipes players.

I attended our community’s quarterly street festival last night, and then I came home and went to bed. I was tired. I slept until 9:30 this morning, and now I’m enjoying a light breakfast before I dive into my day. I don’t have much planned other than reading the newspaper and taking a two-mile run, at least until late this afternoon when I will take part in a celebration of life in remembrance of my 88-year-old neighbor who died last November. We were very close, and I would not miss this event for any reason.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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