Who is Martin Delacroix?

I’m Martin Delacroix, fiction author. I specialize in gay, erotic romance. My first stories appeared in 2007. Since then, I’ve had stories published in over twenty anthologies. I’ve published several single-author anthologies: Boys Who Love Men, Flawed Boys, Boys in Heat, Becoming Men, and Gay Men with Kinks, all available through Amazon, here:


I’ve published several novels: Maui, Love Quest, De Narvaez, Trick and Treat, Adrian’s Scar, Loving Samuel, Capable of Evil, and my latest, Jailbirds. 

The covers of the aforementioned books appear in the sidebar on my main page. Click on one, and it’ll take you to the publisher’s site, if you wish to purchase a copy.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, bicycling, surfing, swimming laps at the YMCA. I live on a barrier island on Florida’s west coast. My house is thirty yards from the Intracoastal Waterway and fifty yards from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s beautiful here.

I’m a former journalist and trial lawyer. I have traveled to most every state in the United States. I’ve also visited Canada, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Australia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, the Netherlands, The Bahamas, and Mexico. I think traveling is the most enriching thing you can do for yourself. I have lived in Berlin, Germany for an entire summer, four times. I love Berlin and its people.

I’m not religious, but I subscribe to the Golden Rule. It works for me. Thanks for stopping by the site. I enjoy hearing from my visitors, so don’t be shy about sending me a comment.

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  1. Hello Martin. I came across your Blog-site a couple months ago, and have followed it since and read most of your archives. I am impressed by the leadership you have taken in certain sub-cultures. As a rural farmer/producer in Alberta Canada, I am aware of the challenges that exist. Thank you for your continuing efforts.

  2. Geeze, I didnt expect an acknowlegement on your blog, but you are welcome. I would have expected you get enough positive reinforcements. There was more i wanted to say but was not sure on this site if it is visible to others or how to send you pictures you might like to see. My partner and I run a fairly successful contract plant growing business, growing about half million mostly native species for reclamation work on public land and housing developments, along with a retail greenhouse at our farm, NW of Edmonton, Alberta. (you might have to look that up on a map, haha) Our expertise and the fact we are an area employer, somewhat nullifies the response from the community about two guys living together, an area that is highly conservative.
    What i wanted to comment on, we hire a number of local youth (some of which I have introduced to your site, that have showed an interest) and over the years, a culture of working here shirtless has evolved, as the greenhouses are plastic and you get plenty wet from the condensation, so the boys routinely leave their shirts outside. It is not a culture we discourage – we have done our demographics – 80% of our retail customers/decision makers are women, maybe 12% gay couples, and if you have a choice of greenhouses to visit, which would YOU choose. A bit capitalistic, but what the hay, got to love summer….I will send you some pictures but cant figure out how to do that here. If you get a chance to respond, great, otherwise have a safe trip to Berlin.

  3. Wow, this site is amazing, stumbled on it while searching for something.
    im gay myself, and all my friends accept me. heard its a lot more difficult to be out in the USA.
    Good luck guys someday the world will change.

  4. Thought I would mimic the thoughts of those above, this website is a treat and I really enjoy reading through your posts. I live in the UK, born and raised, and have been openly gay since 15 (5 years ago in case you were wondering).

    Thanks for putting in the time for this blog, I have read 2 of your short stories so far and look forward to reading the rest!

  5. Hola mi nombre es Waider tengo 20 años y soy de Colombia y me fascina mucho tu blogg, este es realmente muy interesante y apasionante. Me encanta la literatura y escribir, las redacciones que publicas me llevan a un mundo paralelo y mi imaginación vuela, igualmente pasa con las fotografias… sabes seria muy interesante conocer nuevos amigos a través de este medio… Felicidades.

  6. had a problem with my email, it was putting all of my incoming mail in spam which is automatically deleted. I have changed the settings, but wasnt sure if you had emailed me, i spoke to you on email about a month ago, so wasn’t being rude if you did send an email, thanks.

  7. How can we subscribe ?
    Then we could get an e-mail each day with the latest post. I tried the searchbox with various relevant words but it just links you to posts with the same words.
    Otherwise how would I find the site again? I found it only by pure accident wehn searching for something totally unrelated.

    • Hi, Toby:

      I have many subscribers on this site, but I am embarrassed to say I don’t know how the subscription process works with WordPress. I’ve looked all over my site, and don’t see a “subscribe” button anywhere. It’s a total mystery to me, sorry. At worst, you can simply add me to your list of “favorites” or “bookmarks”, and that way you can visit without having to search for my site through Google. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like the site.


      • Greetings Martin!! I have just sent you a message some minutes ago, and noticed in the message post form there are a couple options you can click on, the second one says “Notify me of new posts by email”. I guess this could do as a Subscribe button (and also a nice way for the readers to say “hi” while subscribing! 🙂 Maybe the way is to encourage readers to send a message AND subscribe?

        Now what I cannot find is the button where the guys in the pics and stories jump off the screen…

  8. hi martin, i had no idea that you had a link on your website that linked to my website until i looked at my google analytics. thanks for much for crediting that image and also for the shout out!

  9. Hi! I was mindlessly surfing the net while a fresh blizzard blows outside my window. I’m writing my first book (non-fiction) and I’m sequestered here. Reading your stuff takes me back! I lived in Florida until last March. I also went to UF – GO GATORS! So I’m kind of identifying with you! Anyway I really enjoy your site and look forward to more! Thanks!

  10. Hey man, i have been reading your blog or whatever it is, so could you write the boys name after you post a pic with them.. because i found a guy who had headphones on and he had drapery in his hand. Do you know whats his name?
    Thanks, keep it with the good work.

  11. Hi Martin, i like your site and i xould readyour boohs. Not yet n french ? Shoud I have to do the translation ? 😉
    So nice, your site !

  12. Hi Martin, thanks for your response.
    I’ll try to read in english 😉
    By the way, are you interested by a french translation ?

    • Bonjour, Ollie:

      I’m sorry but I don’t think you can purchase my books in any other language but English. I wish Amazon would produce a French translation, but I don’t think they will.


  13. I just typed something in on Google, i saw the picture from a long time ago i gues..
    A German boy on the beach, i wanted a closer look, to get the better picture
    I thought, this Blog must be stopped after two years. But it hasn’t
    Just wanted you to now, i’m gonna follow you from now on!
    Love the pictures u post:)!

  14. Hey Martin! I just had a question for you. Recently I have developed a huge crush on a friend of mine. He says he’s straight, but I have reason to believe otherwise. Is there a proper way to ask a guy if he is gay without making it awkward in your friendship if he says no?

    • Hi, Samuel:

      I was in the same situation many years ago, when I craved one of my best friends. After the two of us drank more beer than we should have, I asked him for sex. He declined, and then our friendship tanked; it never recovered. Now, that might not happen in your situation, but what I’m saying is, approach the situation very carefully. Sometimes us gay guys mistake a straight guy’s behavior as gay behavior when maybe he’s just a sensitive person or someone who simply cares for you as a friend. At the same time, some guys are gay but scared to act on their urges, and if you give them the opportunity they’ll pounce on you. There’s no easy answer on this one, Samuel. Good luck.


  15. I’m still amazed by the red speedo jogger. I’d love to see a higher resolution version. You are correct that it is taken in Seattle. Specifically it was taken on the east end of the I-90 path, over Lake Washington.

  16. If you wanted Martin I could send you some appropriate pics of myself that I took for you to use but how would I go about doing so?

  17. Hola, el día de hoy me he encontrado por accidente, no sé cómo, con su Blog y al quedar verdaderamente impactada con “The mirror ” quiero pedirle, rogarle, que por favor haga una cuarta parte, piénselo, esa novela es fantástica. En el caso de que se niegue, quiero decirle que no importa. GRACIAS por tan grato escrito, saludos.

  18. Hi Martin ! I love your sites and your handsome boys ! ” ” I’m French and I would like to send you 2 pictures of me tied up and naked, it’s an old picture took by friends during a game I lost ! ” ”
    Do you want to see it ? Send me a mail ! ” “

  19. Hi Martin, I have posted a few words, about a fortnight ago, on one of your pages, regarding , guys with freckles and I think that my comment was unseen, or something is wrong on that page. Could you please help me in making contact with any freckly faced guy. I love so much, such a cute type of guys and wish to make friends with anyone of them, as long as he has freckles. Thanks.

  20. Hi Martin, hope you’re fine, and it is o.k. for this. I just took a chance on such an interesting page , as regards guys with freckles, of whom they make me feel so happy and fine. ! Should you know or meet a guy of this sort, and wishes to correspond with me, please do inform me, and much is appreciated. THANKS Martin and all the best for Christmas and new year. !

  21. Hello Martin,

    Enjoying your new home page photo. What a knockout
    I must thank you for the recent “wrestling” boy in the blue singlet.
    Brute Wrestling Maverick:

    You knock me out with your fantastic tastes for beautiful boys.
    But this boy in the blue wrestling attire knocked it out of the ballpark!
    Young Boy Beautiful…….”Little Blue Boy”
    Dark hair and some bulge. Perhaps little Photoshop but who cares.
    My boyfriend just printed it so we can look at him all the time.
    Thank you Martin for everything.


  22. hi martin,
    I texted you awhile ago regarding your photos of boys kissing and what they meant to me. you were so kind to actually reply to me that I just wanted to take a moment and say how sorry I am to hear of your relationship ending with your boyfriend. I’ve never been in a long term relationship, never found the right person I guess. But I’ve had a few short-term relationships that I thought would turn into long-term and didn’t., and it was a very upsetting time. please know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Hi, Steve:

      Sorry, but a few years ago the server I use ran out of archive space and I had to delete a couple of years’ worth of posted photos to free up space. I’ll post more blonde/blue beauties in the future, I promise.


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