New story published in “Daddies” anthology

My story, Daddy Lover, appears in a Cleis Press anthology titled Daddies. My story’s a humorous piece and very sexy, I think. The main character, Bradley, age nineteen, is obsessed with finding an older man for a lover. Bradley’s a bit of an outsider, a loner. He’s divinity student at a university in Miami, Florida, he plans to become a Methodist preacher.

When Bradley meets a visiting professor from Duke — silver-haired Lance Beckett — he is smitten. Can he win Professor Beckett’s love?

Edited by Richard Labonte, this anthology features some great writers who have mastered the art of erotic story-telling.  I hope you’ll give it a read. Here’s where you can purchase it online from the publisher:

The book has already become one of Cleis Press’  bestsellers, which I think is pretty cool. I guess there are more daddy-lovers out there than I realized.

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