New short story in “Boy Crazy” anthology

My short story, A Beautiful Motorcycle, is included in a new anthology just published by Cleis Press titled Boy Crazy. My story is loosely based on an experience I had with my older sister’s boyfriend when I was fourteen.  You can buy the book from the Cleis Press website or from Amazon. I always encourage my readers to buy their books directly from the publishing house. It helps keep their doors open.

This anthology is edited by Richard Labonte’, one of the most respected editors in the field of gay erotica. I think you will enjoy most every story in the anthology, there are seventeen, and the contributors are some of the best in the m/m erotica genre. The stories are sexy and moving. They will take you back to the time when you first became intimate with another boy or man. Remember the sweat? Remember how your mouth grew sticky and your heart thumped?

A review site called Erotica Revealed has just issued a very favorable review of Boy Crazy and it gives a nice compliment to A Beautiful Motorcyle, describing my story as “lushly detailed.” Here’s a link to the review:

Here’s a link to the Cleis Press website where you can purchase the anthology:

I hope you enjoy A Beautiful Motorcycle.

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