New short story is published in STARbooks’ “Sextime” anthology

Hi, friends and readers:

My short story, Dr. Fungo’s Amazing Time Machine, appears in a new anthology titled Sextime: Erotic Stories Of Time Travel, published by the STARbooks firm. My story takes place in the mid-1980s. Years before, at the age of twelve the main charac-ter, Andre Zaleski, developed a crush on a handsome teenage film star, a talented young man named Brandon DeWilde. (That’s DeWilde’s photo at left. He’s cute, isn’t he?)

Andre secretly longed to meet DeWilde in person, to make love with him, perhaps. But alas, DeWilde died in a motorcycle accident in 1972. Now Andre’s in his late twenties. He buys a gag gift for his friend Kit, who’s a Star Trek and science fiction freak. The gift is a “time machine” Andre found advertised in the rear pages of a comic book and bought via mail order. When the machine arrives Andre tries it out and… guess what? It works!

Can Andre use the machine to travel to 1972, to meet DeWilde, to warn him about the motorcycle accident, and perhaps win DeWilde’s love? I hope you’ll buy a copy of Sextime and I hope you’ll enjoy Dr. Fungo’s Amazing Time Machine. Here’s a link to the STARbooks website:

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