Ah-h-h, Germany … What a wonderful nation it is.

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, here is what summer on Germany’s north coast is all about: hot young men in Speedos, showing off their smooth physiques. He’s cute, isn’t he?

I’m settled into my flat in the Wilmersdorf district of the city. It’s very green and quiet here, with quick access by bus and subway to the busier parts of town. My apartment’s on the fourth floor of my building; it was constructed around 1915. I’ve got a balcony with a nice view. The apartment’s about 1000 square feet with twelve-foot ceilings and parquet flooring. There are plenty of windows so the rooms stay bright and cheerful all day.

People live more simply here. Most do not own automobiles, they use public transportation. You shop for groceries every other day and use a wheeled shopping cart to tote your purchases home. They’re very big on recycling here. Everything: glass, paper, plastic, metal, goes into separate recycling bins. You pay a deposit on beer bottles and return them when they are empty, for a refund.

Because folks do a lot of walking here, you don’t see many obese people. And children here are very independent. I see kids eight years old walking home from school alone and riding the bus by themselves, no problem.

I’ve joined a very nice gym, Elixia at Prager Platz, which is popular with younger gay men, so I have something nice to look at while I work out and swim laps in the 25-meter pool.  The place is immaculately clean and bright, and all the equipment is new and well-maintained.

As summer progresses I’ll post additional photos and comments about Berlin and its people. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

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