Germany continues to amaze me …

Okay, this afternoon I took a train ride to the Baltic Sea, to visit a gay beach near Ruegen. The water was too cold to swim in, at least for me, but not for everybody. This guy’s name is Alex. He is from Bremen. He wasn’t the least bit shy about having his photo taken naked. Sorry it’s not a better picture, but I’m not too proficient with cameras. Still, I think it’s a nice photo, don’t you?

How come we don’t have more beaches like this in the USA? And why aren’t more guys like Alex populating them? Germans are not at all bashful about taking their clothes off in public, which I think is pretty cool. And, no: I will not give you Alex’s phone number. You’ll have to visit Germany and get it yourself. It’s a beautiful evening here tonight, around 55 degrees F and sunny, perfect for wearing a sweater and taking a walk on Berlin’s cobblestone sidewalks with someone special.

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