Readers’ interest in spanking fiction.

According to my blog statistics, I’m receiving a huge number of visits from readers with an interest in spanking and other forms of corporal punishment.  I’m not surprised by this at all. Such activities can be arousing and sensual. These days, discipline is something many young men seem to need and even desire.

If this is your kind of thing, you’ll likely enjoy three of my stories, all discussed in earlier postings on this blog: Serving Lisa is included in the Spank Me Once anthology published by Noble Romance. Daddy Lover appears in the Daddies anthology published by Cleis Press. Passion Play was published as a stand-alone piece by Torquere Press in e-book format during January 2009. It explores the erotic aspects of bondage and discipline.

Here’s an excerpt from Daddy Lover. I hope those of you with an interest in corporal punishment enjoy it.

* * *

Again, Lance reached for the strap. “Let’s make sure you don’t sit comfortably for a day or two, eh?”

I closed my eyes and bobbed my chin.

He lashed the backs of my thighs, several times in quick succession, inflicting fresh stripes of pain. The pops sounded like firecrackers igniting. He whipped my buttocks anew and I cried out, grinding my hips into the mattress, squirming while the leather kissed my skin. Oscar’s tormenting presence, together with the beating, drove me into frenzy and I shrieked. My ass and thighs flamed. How much could I take?

As much as I hated the sting of the swats, I made no attempt to escape them. Instead I danced with the strap, raising my hips to meet each blow. I sweated while whimpers shook my throat. Oh, Daddy, I thought, treat me as rough as you want. I’ll submit every time, I am yours.

The whipping lasted several minutes, and when Lance finally lowered my legs to the mattress, when he kissed my cheek and told me I was a sexy boy, I felt a sense of loss from the beating’s cessation. I lay upon sweat-soaked sheets, chest heaving, savoring my burning backside while my anus gripped Oscar’s neck. I thought, How kind of Lance to control me, to punish me so skillfully. What a generous daddy he is.

Lance brushed damp bangs from my forehead, he kissed me there. He asked, “Enjoying yourself?”

I nodded.

* * *

(If you’re wondering who “Oscar” is, he’s a cone-shaped butt plug Lance has placed inside Bradley’s anus before Lance whips Bradley.)

Well, it’s another beautiful day in Berlin, sunny and cool, perfect for a three-mile run in a park near my building. I hope all of you have a pleasant weekend.

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