A nice photo I took Saturday night

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m in the process of uploading photos I’ve taken with my digital camera over the past several days. There are so many sights and so many people in Berlin worth photographing.  This past Saturday night I spent a couple of hours at a party at a friend-of-a-friend’s apartment. The young man in the photo to the left sat on a sofa, talking with his girlfriend. The apartment was warm and he took his shirt off and… okay, I couldn’t resist introducing myself and taking his picture. His name is Tomas. Cute, eh?

Tomas is a student at the Frei University here in Berlin; it’s an excellent school. He  studies veterinary medicine. We had a very nice conversation and he asked many questions about life in the United States. He seemed interested in my views on German culture and he was well-acquainted with U. S. politics. His English was excellent and, I have to admit, he charmed me.

One of the nice things about Germany is that the young people here are not “ageists”, i. e., they don’t have a phobia about socializing with persons older than themselves. Unlike U. S. university students, who shun anyone  over the age of twenty-five, German students are quite comfortable socializing with people in their fifties. They’ll sit and talk with you for an hour or more, and it’s a two-way conversation. They ask questions about you from time-to-time, instead of you asking all the questions about them. How refreshing!

Again, I apologize for this photograph’s quality. I have never been good with cameras, but I thought you’d all enjoy meeting Tomas.

( sure did …)

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