Another nice photo. Is he an angel?

Hi friends and readers:

Well, it’s a rainy, overcast morning  in Berlin, a good time to stay inside and work on a story I must complete and submit no later than June 30th. Various publishing houses put out “calls for submissions”, either on their websites or via email to writers  the house has previously published. A “call” will ask authors to submit erotic short fiction with a specific theme: surfers, time travel, Halloween, etc. Or sometimes a publisher will want stories taking place in a particular setting: outer space, Hawaii, a college campus, etc.

One of my publishers has asked for erotic stories involving angels or demons or both. The main character in the story I am working on today is the Angel Gabriel, who is mentioned several times in scripture and who appears in paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and El Greco, all very nice. But my Angel Gabriel will  differ greatly from from any previous portrayals, whether verbal or pictorial. For one thing, my Gabriel works at WalMart in the receiving department and he wears Dickies work clothing on the job. He works out at the YMCA and swims laps.

Angels never age. Gabriel’s perpetually twenty-three; he’s a horny devil and quite promiscuous. When he meets a new co-worker, Hector, a young Puerto Rican man, Gabriel’s infatuated. Can love work between an archangel and a mortal? And, should an angel fall in love with a guy who lives in a trailer park?

(Who knows where this story is headed …)

Speaking of angels, I photographed this one in Santa Cruz, California. He was a contestant in a VolCom surfing competition at Steamer Lane. I didn’t speak to him so I can’t tell you his name, but maybe it’s Gabriel. What do you think?

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