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Lowenbrucke LionOkay, readers and friends:

I’m done working on my Angel Gabriel story for the day and right now it’s raining, so I can’t visit the supermarket for a while. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a bit of Berlin’s gay scene with you.

The cast iron lion you see at the left is one of four supports for a footbridge known as the “Lowenbrucke”, or “Lion’s Bridge.” It’s located in the Tiergarten, a 500 acre public park right in the center of Berlin. It’s a beautiful place, filled with ponds and canals, public sculpture, flowering shrubs and shade trees. It’s cool there even on a hot day. And even though it’s right in the city’s center, when you enter the park you feel like you are walking through a forest in the German countyside, it’s so quiet and peaceful. The Tiergarten is my favorite place to take a run. It has many trails and footpaths that are never crowded and they always pass by interesting sights.

About the Lowenbrucke: this is located deep within the Tiergarten, southwest of the Siegssaule, a war memorial located in the park’s western portion. In wooded areas surrounding the Lowenbrucke, gay men meet one another for sexual encounters, lots of gay men and lots of encounters at all times of day, especially in the summer months when it’s warm. Now, public sex has never been my sort of thing, so I have never partaken, but Siegssaulewhat’s interesting is the Berlin police do not disturb men who are trysting in the park, as long as the men keep themselves concealed in the bushes. In fact, the police send a patrol through the area on a regular basis, just to be sure no one’s having trouble of any kind. (No, I’m not kidding.)

The photo to the left shows you the top portion of the Siegssaule, it’s a beautiful monument that celebrates  German victories over the Danish, the Austrians and the French in three wars fought between 1864 and 1871. I’m guessing the monument is about 120 feet tall. It sits in the center of a huge vehicular “roundabout”, with cars whizzing around it at high speed. (I attempted driving in Berlin one time and I would never try it again. They’ve got a kaimikaze style of driving here that is positively nerve-jangling.) Anyway, there’s an observation deck near the top of the Siegssuale that offers spectacular views of the city. If you come to Berlin, you should definitely put it on your list of things to do.

(Oh goody, the sun just came out.)

I’m having a friend for dinner tonight, so I’m off to buy food, beer and wine. I hope everyone’s having a great Thursday. Auf wiedersehen!

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