Brandon De Wilde, late actor

In an earlier post I discussed my short story, Dr. Fungo’s Amazing Time Machine. It appears in a fiction anthology titled Sextime: Erotic Stories Of Time Travel, now available from the STARbooks publishing house, and through Amazon as well.

My story takes place in the mid-1980s. Years before, at the age of twelve, the main character, Andre Zaleski, developed a crush on a handsome teenaged film star, Brandon De Wilde. Andre secretly longed to meet De Wilde in person, to perhaps make love with him.  But alas, De Wilde died in a motorcycle accident in 1972. Now Andre’s in his late twenties. He buys a gag gift for his friend Kit, who’s a Star Trek and science fiction freak. The gift is a “time machine” Andre found advertised in the rear pages of a comic book and bought via mail order. When the machine arrives Andre tries it out and… guess what? It works! Can Andre use the machine to travel to 1972, to meet De Wilde, to warn him about the motorcycle accident, and perhaps win De Wilde’s love?

Here’s a link to the STARbooks website where you can purchase Sextime :

I’ve had several persons message me via this blog, asking whether or not Brandon De Wilde (I’ve posted his picture here) was, in fact, gay.  The answer is: I have no idea. I don’t know the first thing about Brandon De Wilde’s personal life. My story is entirely fictional and readers should keep that in mind. I do know that De Wilde died in a motorcycle accident in suburban Denver in 1972. At the time of his death he was married and had fathered a child.  His most famous film role was as Joey Starrett in Shane, released in 1953. He also appeared in a 1963 film titled Hud with Paul Newman. And, of course, he appeared in a 1962 film titled All Fall Down, starring Warren Beatty. It’s mentioned in my story several times.

You can read more about Brandon De Wilde here:

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