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Hi, friends and readers:

In an earlier post I wrote about how it’s important for me to visualize my characters and to know their names while I am writing a story. I find faces and names from all sorts of places.

Recently I completed a story called A River And A Boy Named Jeff. It takes place at my fishing camp, about 70 miles north of Tampa on the Chassahowitzka River. I’ve written several stories that are  set there. It’s a beautiful spot, quite isolated. You can only reach it  by boat and the nearest neighbors are three miles away.

Anyway, the young man you see at left here is named Robin. He lives in Montana. I have chatted with him online before and he’s very pleasant. He lives in a small town and  there is not much for young gay men to do there, but he has a good attitude nonetheless. He’s quite literate, he plays baseball for his community college (outfield, bats third in the lineup), and he likes my stories. He sent me a few photos of himself (Thanks, Robin!) and I used them when creating the character named “Jeff”  in my story. I haven’t submitted A River And A Boy Named Jeff for publication yet. I’m saving it for a special anthology where it will fit just right.  So, Robin won’t take his place in the world of gay erotic fiction just yet.

It’s a beautiful Saturday night here in Berlin. The sun shone all day and we had a high temperature of around 72 degrees F. I took a three-mile run through the kleinesgaerten and barely broke a sweat.

Berlin’s Gay Pride Parade and Festival will take place at the end of this month. It’s always something to see. Many floats and groups from every part of Berlin’s gay community. If the weather’s good they’ll have a huge turnout, and there’s a street festival the weekend before that is always fun.

I hope you’re all having a good weekend. I’m about ready to sample some of Berlin’s nightlife tonight, so you may not hear from me until late tomorrow afternoon.

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