Beautiful Berlin …

Berlin architectureHi, friends and readers:

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Berlin. There’s not a cloud in the sky and the temperature’s around 75 degrees F. Colors are vivid. I just spent an hour reading on my balcony, bathing in sunshine.

Last night two friends and I visited Nollendorfplatz, the epicenter of Berlin’s gay subculture. The sidewalks were crowded. We visited two bars, and both were packed with men of varying ages. You have to be careful drinking German beer, as the alcohol content is far greater than American beer. After two half-liter glasses I was buzzed, and I was grateful I didn’t have to drive home. The Berlin transit system runs into the wee hours, and a bus dropped me one block from my apartment building around three A. M.

The building you see in the photo I’ve posted here is typical of what you’ll see when you walk the streets of Berlin’s residential areas. Balconies are big here, and during summer everyone plants flowers in their flower boxes. A riot of colors greets you everywhere you go.

I’m looking forward to a nice run in the kleinesgaerten this afternoon. I hope your Sunday’s going as well as mine.

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