A sunny day in Berlin …

SilviuHi, friends and readers:

Wednesday was a beautiful day in Berlin. My friend Silviu, from Spain’s Canary Islands, paid me a visit yesterday and we spent a great evening together. He was flying from Italy to Madrid and had a one-day layover in Berlin, so we had a chance to spend a good deal of time together. He’s a really nice guy, fluent in English, Spanish, German and French. He’s a mental health counselor for troubled teens on the island of Lanzarote.

I took Silviu’s photo Wednesday morning on my balcony here in Wilmersdorf, and I think it came out great. Don’t you?

Today, Silviu and I visited Nollendorfplatz, which I have mentioned on this blog before. It’s the epicenter of gay life in Berlin. Silviu wanted to purchase a sexual toy of some sort for a friend back in Lanzarote so we visited Bruno’s, a huge store selling gay-oriented X-rated magazines, books and videos, along with a variety of gay sex products: lube, dildos, butt plugs, handcuffs, paddles and so forth. 

Here’s a photo of the storefront:

Bruno's(I won’t tell you what Silviu bought. You’ll have to use your imagination.) Bruno’s is as big as a supermarket and the guys behind the sales counter are mucho cute and very friendly. If you ever come to Berlin, you must visit Bruno’s.

Silviu and I parted at Nollendorfplatz and I met friends for lunch at a nice Italian restaurant in Mitte. Germans like taking their time when they dine out: appetizers, wine, salads, the main meal, then a latte or maybe an espresso afterward. Hey, why not? The food was excellent and the company even better. (I love this city …)

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