Inspiration for another surfer story …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s been a busy day for me: supermarket, beer/wine store, a trip to the city’s center to purchase train tickets, then a five kilometer run through the kleinesgaerten (the highlight of the day, what a beautiful place).

If you’ve followed this blog a while, you know that I surf on Florida’s east coast. (I’m not a great surfer, but what the heck. I enjoy it.)  You also know that I have written a few male/male erotica pieces involving surfers: Me and Shea in the Best Gay Love Stories 2009 anthology; Sebastian Inlet in the Cleis Press anthology titled Surfer Boys; and Maui, a novella that’ll be published in November 2009 by Torquere Press.

A friend sent me the photo at left today. He suggested I use it as inspiration for yet another m/m piece with characters who surf. And I must admit, the photo is quite … inspiring. I’m almost certain it was taken in Hawaii because you can see a mountain in the background, but the young man’s clearly in a tropical environment. So … when I finish my present project — the Angel Gabriel piece — perhaps I’ll pen another surfer story. I always enjoy writing about guys who ride swell.

*** 27.08.2009 update. I don’t believe it. This photo has been swiped by a half dozen porno sites since I posted it. My apologies to the guy in the pic.

Have a great Saturday night.

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