Naked guy swimming in a lake near Muenster …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, I’ve just returned to Berlin, after a four-hour train ride from Muenster, where I spent three days and three nights with a good friend, Moritz and his girlfriend, Sabina. They are both sweet young people. Together with their friends they showed me a good time. We did sightseeing during the days, then hit the night clubs in the evenings.

The weather in Muenster on Friday and Saturday was extremely hot, well into the nineties (Farenheit) and since no one has air conditioning it was very uncomfortable. Saturday, four of us visited a swimming pond about fifteen miles outside of town, in an isolated area most people don’t know about. Around  a dozen people, including us, were swimming and sunbathing, some of them naked. The young man in this photo said it was okay if I took his photo, so I did and this one came out the best. He’s cute, isn’t he? His name is Oliver. He’s a student at the university in Muenster, which is huge, about 40,000 students.

I visited the Catholic cathedral in Muenster for about an hour. Its beauty rivals the cathedrals in Prague and Cologne. Great statuary, stained glass, and vaulted ceilings. I lit a candle for a deceased friend who was Catholic. I do this whenever I visit a cathedral, whether it’s in Europe, California or New Orleans. The Muenster cathedral was truly breathtaking, kind of like Oliver …

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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