Rainy day in Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

This morning when I woke around eight A.M. the sun shone, but when  I left  for the gym at one P. M. the skies had clouded and I smelled rain. It’s a good thing I brought my umbrella, because when I left the subway station and stepped onto the street the rain came down in buckets. It kept up all afternoon, until around four P.M.  Now, it’s cool and overcast.

The folks in my building and the two adjacent buildings are having a hoffest, a house party, tomorrow around four P. M., with barbequed meats and home-cooked side dishes and plenty of beer. Two neighbors stopped me on the sidewalk to be sure I knew about the party and to ask that I attend. They also asked if I would bring my guitar and play some music. (They hear me playing on my balcony some evenings.) The people in this neighborhood are so sweet. I love this place.

So, I’ve got two parties to attend tomorrow, both are planned for outdoors, so I hope the rain goes away overnight.

Because I’ve got a busy day tomorrow, I’m staying home tonight like a good boy, so I’ll be fresh and full of energy Saturday morning.

Have a great Friday, everyone.

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