Emo boys dominate this summer in Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s been a long day for me. I rose at eight and did some writing, then I made a trip to the Britzer Gaden in Neukoeln, in southern Berlin, to attend the birthday party for my friends’ one-year-old son. He’s walking now! He liked the talking pelican I bought him. We had a very nice picnic and I saw many friends from past visits to Berlin. The park was beautiful and we had sunshine. Really, very nice. But the trip from my place to there was one and one-half hours. Then I made the same return trip.

This evening my building had a “house party” with lots of good food, beer and wine. Maybe sixty people attended. I played my guitar and sang and my neighbors seemed to enjoy it. I met some very nice people. I brought two friends, German university students, and they ate like wolves, but no one seemed to mind. We brought beer and wine with us, as our contribution.

So, after my travels and my musical performance this evening, I am tired.  Martin’s staying home tonight.

Many people who follow this blog have asked in recent days, “What do the young men in Berlin look like right now? And how do they behave?”

I have posted a photo here that will give you a good idea. Right now the “emo boy” look is all the rage in Berlin, with both gay and straight boys: swoopy hair, tight T-shirts and tight-fitting, low-slung jeans. “Chuck Taylor” Converse sneakers are de riguere. 

What do you think of this look? I kinda like it. These kids are not arrogant punks. They are polite and gentle. They adore their friends, and they are a little bit shy. How nice …

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