Warm and sunny in Berlin today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Not much news today. It was warm and sunny in Berlin. All my Berliner friends have been griping about the weather, ever since I got here June second. They don’t like the cool and rainy weather we’ve experienced (although I like it very much). So, I guess summer has finally arrived now, albeit a month late. The high today was around 85 F, a bit too warm for my taste, but it does encourage young men to remove their shirts and splash themselves with cool water. Don’t you like the photo I’ve posted today?

This afternoon, I had to give notice to Elixia Fitness Center that I will terminate my membership on August 31. I can’t believe my summer in Berlin is half over.  (Gr-r-r-r …) I’m having such a great time and the days fly by.

I finished the first draft of Winston Quirk this morning. It’ll need substantial tweaking before I submit it to my publisher, but I think it’s going to be a very fine story — romantic and sexy and set in an exotic place, with a little violence and some racial discrimination thrown in.

I’m having a dinner guest tonight and we’ll drink some beer and wine on my balcony before we dine. The temperature should cool off in another hour and sitting outdoors will be delightful.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

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