Parties in Berlin are so much fun …

Hi, friends and readers:

In yesterday’s post I told you I’d been invited to a student party scheduled for this evening. The location was in suburban Berlin, northside, in a neighborhood I’d never seen, and it was very green and forested. About seventy people attended, they were from all parts of Europe, mostly students taking a two-week course at the university in Potsdam. A live, eight-piece band played Romanian music and people danced. The food was excellent: barbequed pork and sausages, several salads, roasted corn on the cob, and so forth. Endless quantities of beer.

In the course of the evening I met the young man you see here; his name is Mario. (I know, I’m a crappy photographer. Sorry.) Mario’s from Estonia, on the Baltic Sea. He’s a charming guy; he’s been to Florida and NYC and he’s quite a free spirit. He is staying with a German host while he studies here. She’s a girl his age who’s not too lenient, and it seems they are not getting along. She left the party early, telling him, “You either leave with me now or I won’t answer the bell when you come home later.” (She hasn’t provided Mario with a key.) Mario was at a loss. He didn’t want to leave the party. But where could he sleep tonight if he remained for a while?

I have a guest bedroom, so I told him he could stay at my place. We just returned here an hour ago, and we drank a few beers, then Mario went to bed. He let me take this photo after he took a quick shower. He’s cute, isn’t he?

The party was great and I met so many nice young people, from Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and Spain. Now it’s one A.M. and I guess I’ll feed Mario breakfast in the morning. He’s somewhat drunk and he snores and he sounds like a cement mixer. (Aye-yi-yi.)

*Update on 15.08.2009: I don’t believe it, I was surfing a website this morning and someone had already downloaded the photo I took of Mario and now it’s public property. How does this happen? (Sorry, Mario …)

Have a great Friday, everyone.

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