A Saturday night out, and …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, I should have known better last night, but the weather was nice and I was going stir-crazy, so I hopped on the bus, then the subway, and I visited a nice little bar in Kreuzberg where the music’s lively and so are the young men. (Yeah, I even dragged myself onto the dance floor, it was fun.)

I got home around four this morning, my blood alcohol level far above normal, and I felt so keyed up I couldn’t sleep. I edited a story (it’s true), then I read for an hour. I woke this morning, around ten and — oops — someone was in the bed with me.  I couldn’t even remember this guy’s name, but he was cute and nice enough. (But what had he done while I edited my story and read this morning? Did he sleep or drink beer on my balcony? I have no idea.)

Aye-yi-yi. Maybe I need a caretaker to lock me inside my apartment on Saturday nights.

I had a nice time last night. The streets were crowded and everyone was in a good mood because of the nice weather. I’m not sure about this, but I think I drank a dozen beers. Nonetheless, I felt great today. I took a three-mile run through the Greunewald  this afternoon. The weather was  sunny and cool, perfect for exercising.

My overnight guest, Oliver (Are half the guys in Germany named Oliver?), turned out to be a very nice guy. He lives in a district called Friedrichshain and I might have him over to my place for dinner Thursday. I have three houseguests arriving Friday for the weekend. Whenever I lease an apartment in Berlin, I  get a lot of visitors. Do they love me or do they love the city?  Probably the latter, and the rent’s cheap at Martin’s, right?

It’s okay; I enjoy the company.

I hope everyone’s weekend was as nice as mine.   

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