Sexy young backpacker and a book you should read …

Hi, friends and readers:

Someone sent me this photo of a sexy young backpacker and I just had to post it. Cute, eh?

Well, I took a three-mile run through the Greunewald around four P.M. today and now I feel fully recovered from my evening/morning spent at Tom’s Bar. (What a fun place. Why don’t we have one in Florida?)

I’ve just finished reading a wonderful novel titled The Plot Against America written by Philip Roth, one of America’s finest fiction writers. It was published in 2005 and at the time I recall reading a review of the novel and thinking, “I’ve got to buy a copy,” but I never did until last week. It’s a terrific piece of writing. It poses the question: What if Charles Lindbergh (a dedicated fascist) had been elected President of the U. S. in 1940 instead of FDR? The narrator is the youngest brother in a Jewish family in Newark who was age eight and nine when the events in the book occur. Give it a read; you won’t be sorry you did.

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