A great weekend in Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

What a nice weekend it’s been. My houseguests arrived around noon and we took a long walk through my neighborhood,  enjoying the architecture. Then we walked through the Greunewald. Afterward,we visited the outdoor cafe I mentioned yesterday, where they serve marvelous desserts and iced coffee drinks.

I cooked dinner (after drinking a few beers), then afterward we jumped on the bus and visited the center of town, where a huge street festival was going on with live bands, beer tents, and so forth. Thousands of people were milling about, tons of hot guys from Humboldt University. We capped off the evening by visiting an outdoor cafe at the Gendarmmarkt, where the Berlin symphony house and two domed churches anchor three sides of a broad, cobblestone plaza. A three-quarter moon had risen, the air was fresh and cool and it was just beautiful.

This afternoon we ate lunch an an outdoor cafe on the Spree River near the main train station, then it was time to say goodbye to my houseguests.

Tonight I will host three other friends for dinner and a beer drinking session. What a great weekend … This is what living in Berlin is all about.

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