Houseguests coming; a busy day for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, I didn’t get out of bed until noon, due to my late-night shenanigans at Tom’s Bar, but it was a beautiful day in Berlin today, sunny with a high around 75 F, and a nice breeze.

I hit the supermarket, then the beer/wine store, and my fridge is now fully stocked. My friends from Florida arrive at the airport tomorrow morning around ten. I’ll meet them there and bring them to my place on the bus. They’ll no doubt be jet-lagged, so they’ll go to bed and I’ll go to the gym.

I took a nice run in the Greunewald again today. It’s always cool and shady there with nice running trails going all over the place.

I won’t be doing much writing during the next week, as I need to be a good tour guide for my guests. They’ve never been to Berlin before and there is much to see.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

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