Several young men spend the night …

Hi, friends and readers:

When will I ever learn? I woke up this morning and my apartment was filled with sleeping young men in various states of undress.

Yesterday, my houseguests and I visited the Kurfurstendamm, Berlin’s high-end shopping district, to cruise the sidewalks and gaze at all the beautiful young people we passed. The area was packed with folks from all over Europe. We visited the KaDeWe, Berlin’s most famous department store, a seven-story shopper’s paradise. On the sixth floor was an amazing food market with every delicacy imaginable, and several dining counters, each offering a different cuisine.

Around seven P.M. I cooked dinner for myself and four young men, then others arrived, all toting six packs of beer and bottles of wine. We turned up the music and the party lasted until three A.M. This morning I rose and the whole place was littered with young men and I thought, “Don’t these guys have homes? Why do they choose to sleep on my floor instead of their comfortable bed at the student dormitory?” Oh, well …  needless to say my kitchen is filled with empty beer and wine bottles, and all the food in the fridge has been eaten, save for the frozen stuff.

A group of us took a long walk through the Greunewald this afternoon, it was a beautiful, sunny day with a high around 78 degrees F. This evening, my houseguests have gone to the Berlin Beer Fest for a few hours and I’m home alone (for a change). I managed to find a gas station/convenience store near my building that was open for business, so I was able to buy a six-pack and a bottle of wine for the evening, as there wasn’t a drop left in the apartment after last night’s gathering. So … now I’m sipping from a Beck’s beer and savoring the silence.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

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