My visit to tom’s bar and a busy Berlin day …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yeah, I visited Tom’s Bar last night with my houseguests and two other friends. Everyone but me left after an hour or so, as they wanted to go clubbing. I met a guy named Manuel from Costa Rica, very nice-looking and friendly and we spent some time toghether before I left around two A.M.

My houseguests didn’t get home until six A.M., but I dragged them out of bed around eleven this morning and took them first to Berlin’s Olympic Stadium where the 1936 Olympics were held, then to the Topography of Terror in Mitte, which is a photographic and documentary presentation revealing the history of the Nazi movement, the Third Reich and the Holocaust. It’s an impressive exhibit and we were there about three hours.

I’m kind of tired, so I think I’ll spend the evening at home. My houseguests? They’re young, with boundless energy, and I suspect they’ll be hitting the clubs, dancing and looking for love.

I’m posting a picture of Olaf, one of the students who came to Saturday night’s party at my place. He e-mailed this photo to me this morning. Olaf’s a university student, nineteen,who grew up in Stuttgart. He’s a very sweet young man and, I think, very handsome. What do you think?

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