Houseguests have departed, back to work …

Hi, friends and readers:

My friends from Florida, who have been here since August fifth, departed for the States this morning, around seven A.M. I wished them a safe journey, then I returned to bed for a couple more hours of sleep that I badly needed.

I haven’t done much writing  during the time my friends  stayed here. I was simply too busy serving as tour guide and host and making sure the fridge was stocked and the meals were cooked and so forth. I didn’t mind; it was fun having them here, but now I am ready to delve deeper into my skateboarder story, to make it the best I can.

Weatherwise, today is one of those “mixed bag” Berlin days. The air is cool, about 72 degrees F. One minute the sun is shining brilliantly, then the breeze blows a huge gray cloud into the neighborhood, one that obscures the sun for several minutes, and it seems as though it will rain. Then the sun reappears. It goes on and on like this for hours, but I can’t say it bothers me. As long as the temperature is cool, I am happy.

Tonight I’ll attend a live, outdoor concert at the Brandenburg Gate, along with a good friend. The artist performing is named Patrice. He makes interesting music: a blend of Reggae and rock. I’ve been to a Patrice concert before and I have his music on my iPod. Tonight’s concert is free. Patrice is quite popular in Berlin, so if it doesn’t rain tonight the crowd will likely be huge.

Have a great Friday, everyone.

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