Another night at Tom’s Bar. oh, no …

Hi, friends and readers:

I guess I will never learn … After dinner last night I took a little nap, waking around eleven P.M., and as I stretched my limbs I thought, “Come on, Martin, it’s Saturday night. Get out and do something.”

Of course, I ended up at Tom’s Bar, which was filled to capacity, both the bar and the cellar, and I didn’t leave the place until four A.M., after spending a great deal of time with an Asian lad,  then a passionate young man from Denmark named Diderik. By the time I got home it was five A.M. and the sun was coming up. I was starving, so I raided the fridge and drank half a bottle of German white wine before going to bed.

I slept until noon today (I know, I am worthless.) and I am due to meet friends in Kreuzberg at 3:30 P.M., for beers and afternoon snacks. My day is already consumed, yet I haven’t accomplished  a thing.

Oh, the wages of Tom’s Bar …

It’s a warm day here in Berlin, not a cloud in the sky. Because it is Sunday, my neighborhood is as quiet as an empty church. A steady breeze is blowing and my flower boxes on the balcony look especially colorful in today’s bright sunshine.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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