Early to bed for martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s beautiful here in Berlin — about 70 degrees F and no rain. I had a great supper with friends in Kreuzberg, and I pondered going to their party tonight, but I was too tired from drinking wine into the wee hours yesterday. I’m ready to do a little reading, then call it a night.

As my time winds down  in Berlin, my friends and the new people I have met this summer are all calling and asking  to spend an evening with me before I leave. I’m flattered, of course, so grateful for the many friends I have made here this year and in prior visits to Berlin. It’ll be hard to leave.

I have set aside this coming Monday night for a final visit to Tom’s Bar, as next weekend is already booked with social obligations. I feel so lucky …

Enjoy your Saturday night, everyone.

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