Gay skateboarder story — first draft complete …

Hi, friends and readers:

I just finished the first draft of my gay skateboarder story, and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. Of course, much work remains to be done before it’s ready to submit, but I really like the three main characters in the story: Carter and Douglas are skaters. Carter is gay, but Douglas probably isn’t. Though he’s willing to experiment, Douglas is uncomfortable with homosexuality. Can Carter and Douglas maintain their friendship? Will Carter abandon the skater subculture and its homophobic attitudes? When Carter and Douglas break into a gay man’s home to steal valuables, Carter comes upon the homeowner’s diary in a nightstand drawer. The man’s name is Emmett Dell. Carter pilfers the diary, he later reads it from cover to cover, and Carter finds he’s got a lot in common with Dell. Can he form a friendship with Dell? Can the friendship lead to something more personal?

A gay skater who’s been in touch with me, via this blog, sent me the photo I’ve posted here today.  I really like it, do you?

I haven’t titled the story yet. Any suggestions?

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