Beautiful Berlin morning, busy day ahead …

Hi, friends and readers:

I had a nice time last night with my friends, Jens and Julian. We drank a few beers on the balcony, then I served dinner and, afterward, Julian tried once more to repair my damaged laptop. Sadly, without success. I’ll get it repaired by the Dell people when I return to Florida next week. My guests were here till midnight, and I hit the bed right after they left. Now, I’m up early on Wednesday morning and it’s a beautiful day — sunny and cool.

I’ll start my revisions on the skateboarding story today, tweaking each scene to make it better, delving deeper into my characters’ heads and hearts. This afternoon I’ll visit Elixia Fitness Center for a workout, then I’ll visit Nollendorfplatz and the Karstadt department store to buy a couple of gifts for friends.

Tonight will be the last evening I’ll spend alone in Berlin. I plan to stay home and enjoy the quietude of my apartment.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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