A nice wednesday evening …

Hi, friends and readers:

I thought I would spend my Wednesday evening alone, but around five P.M., when I returned to my apartment from the beer/wine market, a friend, Ingo, a university student I’ve spent much time with this summer, was waiting for me in the stairwell outside my door. Surprise!

Okay, we ended up drinking a few beers on the balcony and I fixed us a simple dinner and Ingo decided he’d spend the night. I didn’t mind. Ingo’s nice company.

Late this morning, Ingo accompanied me to the supermarket to buy enough food to carrv me through until Monday morning, when I depart for Florida. We ate a quick lunch at an outdoor cafe, then Ingo left and I worked on a writing project for three hours.

Tonight I’m having a friend, a guy in his early thirties named Seemit,  for dinner. Originally from India, he ‘s a social worker in Berlin. He also teaches adult education classes in Wilmersdorf, which is very close to my neighborhood. HIs English is excellent and he’s a very nice guy. We met at a party back in July and we got along very well, so tonight should be a nice evening.

It’s a warm day in Berlin. I’m off for a run in the Greunewald.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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