Hot, shirtless guy and a red car; last day at the fitness center …

Hi, friends and readers:

The weather has cooled in Berlin today, we’ll have a high around 72 degrees F. The sun is shining and there’s a nice breeze passing through my apartment this morning.

Today is Friday and this afternoon will be my my final visit to Elixia Fitness Center this year. I’m going to miss the place for many reasons: the bright atmosphere, the pool and, of course, all the hot guys who work out there and shower in the locker room. The YMCA back in Florida just doesn’t compare!

My dinner last night with Seemit was very pleasant. He’s an interesting young man and we spent a couple of hours on the balcony after our meal, just talking and sharing a bottle of wine he’d brought as a gift. He may pay a visit to the U. S. sometime in 2010.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my Friday evening. I haven’t been to Tom’s Bar in about two weeks. Perhaps I should pay one last visit before I leave Berlin? Something tells me, though, that I’ll get an afternoon phone call from onew or more students, wanting to come over and party at my place. It’s so hard to say no …

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