Martin’s hosting again tonight … what’s new?

Hi, fnends and readers:

Well, it looks like I won’t be visiting Tom’s Bar tonight. My friend Christian called just before I left for the gym and said he had to see me one last time before I left. (I’ve posted Christian’s pic on this blog before. He’s very handsome, and a very nice guy, too.) He is leaving town tomorrow to visit his boyfriend, Stefan,  and Stefan’s family, in Dusseldorf. He said, “Come on, Martin. Will you make us dinner? I’ll bring a bottle of wine.”

How could I say no? Besides, Christian’s been to Tom’s Bar many times and maybe I will talk him into going with me. (They’ll like him in the cellar.)

It’s beautiful here this evening — sunny and about 76 degrees F.  Perfect for sitting on the balcony and chatting with Christian.

Have a great Friday, everyone.

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