A photo I just had to post …

sofaHi, friends and readers:

I’m up early this morning after hitting the bed around eleven last night. Guess I am still a bit lagged.

I went online around nine today and a person who follows this blog had sent me the photo I’ve posted here, which I think is … inspiring.  (I used to own a sofa just like the one in the photo — always a great spot to nap.) 

It”s rainy and overcast here today, which is okay with me. I’ve got work to do on two stories I am writing, and many other things to tend to. I spoke with a friend last night, a young man from Savannah, who wants to pay me a visit in the middle of the month. He’s a fan of my fiction and a very nice guy. Nothing’s certain yet, but hopefully he can come and I’ll show him around the area.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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