Busy day — writing and yard work and beautiful weather …

torn jeansHi, friends and readers:

About the photo I’ve posted here … Yeah, he’s young, but how about his suntan, and those abs. (Yum-m-m …)

One of my editors has requested that I write a story about gay weightlifters for an anthology he’s putting out. I figured, okay, if I can write about gay surfers and skateboarders I can write about gay gym rats, too. Besides, there are always lots of gay men at every gym I’ve ever worked out at. Most gay guys take good care of their bodies so they’ll improve their chances when cruising the bars and clubs.

So, I got to work on a new story this morning, and it’ll be a light piece with plenty of humor and explicit sex. What fun!

I spent the afternoon working in my yard, raking dead leaves, mulching beds, trimming shrubs and sawing fronds off my coconut palms (I have five of them, two are fifteen feet tall, real beauties.) The weather wasn’t too warm today, we had a nice breeze on the island. Now I’m relaxing with a beer and a friend is having me for dinner. (I love eating other people’s cooking.) It should be a nice evening.

I just received an e-mail from the senior editor at the publishing house I sent my novel,  Love Quest,  to yesterday. She sounds excited about the project, which is cool. We’ll see after she reads the first twenty pages. 

Have a nice Tuesday evening, everyone.

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