Long day, cold beer, nice photo …

Hi, friends and readers:

This was a long day for me. After the trip to the lab, I wrote for almost three hours, then it was into the yard for three hours of hard labor. The termperature must’ve been ninety, the humidity equally as high, and I’ll bet a drank a gallon of water while I worked.

Okay, the place is starting to look really good now. One more afternoon. fertilizing and mulching the beds in my fenced patio, and I’ll be done.

I really like the photo I posted here. At first, I thought the young man was a skateboarder, but the more I studied the picture the more I figured he was a BMX cyclist. What do you think? I suppose it doesn’t much matter, he certainly is attractive, don’t you agree?

I’m having a guest for dinner — marinated porch chops on the charcoal grill, one of my favorites. I’m sipping from a bottle of cold beer and enjoying the air conditioning. Ah-h-h, Florida. It looks like we’ll have a nice sunset tonight, so maybe I’ll visit the beach and watch with my neighbors.

I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday evening.

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