beautiful young man, beautiful saturday …

Hi, friends and readers:

Isn’t the photo I’ve posted here beautiful? What a handsome young man. I’ve always found black and white photography more expressive than color, I don’t know why. Maybe because the subject and/or objects photographed have to carry more weight in order for the photo to be interesting? I don’t know. What do you think?

It’s a breezy day on my little island, not so warm as yesterday, and I can sense fall’s approach — lower humidity, no haze in the air, that sort of thing.

I watched a Tom Cruise movie, Valkyrie, last night. It’s an account of the 1944 attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler by a group of German military officers. It’s a true story, one I’ve read about in several books on World War II. The film was okay, but not one I’d see twice. I’ll have to admit, I’ve never been a Tom Cruise fan, with the exception of his first film, Risky Business.  I believe Risky Business was released in 1983. Set in suburban Chicago, it follows a week in the life of an upper middle class, high school senior named Joel who falls in love with a prostitute.

If you have never seen Risky Business, you should. It’s one of those films that combines a very funny plot with good acting, great music and some fine cinematography. To my knowledge, this was Cruise’s first film and it made him an instant star. He was a very beautiful young man at the time the film was made, and there are several scenes in the film where he’s not wearing much. What a body!

Okay, I’ve got some writing to do, then some more yard work. I’ve just about gotten things back to where they were when I left for Berlin in May. Shrubs trimmed, beds mulched, coconut palms cleaned of dead fronds, weeds gone. Whew! (I think next weekend I’ll go surfing.)

Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

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