Monday, monday, can’t trust that day …

Hi, friends and readers:

Does anyone but me remember the lyrics in the heading of this post? (Here’s a hint: The Mommas and The Papas.)

So, it was a productive day for me. I’m close to finishing the first draft of my gym rat story, working title: Aaron Sickles And Me. It’s coming along nicely, but I see major changes happening to the story, once revisions begin. The two main characters, Andy and Aaron, are such different people, and there is much conflict between them, and I’ve yet to work out their developing relationship. I strive for realism in the erotic stories I write, can’t stand contrived crap. So, maybe I have to work a littler harder than certain other creators of male/male erotica. That’s okay.

A fan who watched the Groms video mentioned in last night’s post sent me an interesting You Tube video of David Loy, one of the boys in the Groms video. David’s now a young man, eighteen, I guess, and he’s become quite the star of the skateboarding scene. I’ve posted a photo of David here. (He wore braces on his teeth when he was younger and I guess he’s not into smiling.)

I watched the You Tube video of David, filmed in Tampa, near my home, at some sort of skating competition. David Loy’s an acrobatic skater. Look him up on You Tube and watch him perform. Amazing.

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