Naked skateboarder photo I had to post …

Hi, friends and readers:

A person who folllows this blog sent me the naked skater photo I have posted here today, and I just had to share it.

Okay, I know, the guy is probably not a real skater. Most skaters are skinny and don’t workout. They aren’t beefcakes like the guy in the photo.  Still, the guy’s pretty hot, so I guess I can overlook  the phony factor in the picture.

It’s so freakin’ hot here on Florida’s Gulf Coast today. At ten A.M., I’ll bet it’s already ninety degrees outside, and it will surely reach ninety-five by four P.M. (Yuck … I can’t wait for cool weather to arrive.)

I’m hitting the YMCA this afternoon, after my writing’s done for the day, then I’ll have dinner with a friend in town this evening — beer, salad and Papa John’s pizza. Single-guy food!

A reason to smile: According to my blog stats, yesterday I had the largest number of hits on this blog since it began. Pretty cool!

I got another nice comment today from a college kid in Austin, Texas, whose name is Thomas. He read my story, If You Only Knew, and really liked it. If You Only Knew appears in a STARbooks anthology called Cruising For Bad Boys. The main character in my story, Stewart, is a gay boy, a voyeur who likes having sex in public places. It’s pretty funny, and sexy, too. Here’s where you can buy the book:

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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