Beautiful Brevard County, beautiful surfers …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m here in Brevard County now, at a hotel right next to Cocoa Beach Pier. I arrived around 3:30 P.M., walked down to the beach, and … yeah. Waves! I spent ninety minutes on the water and I caught about fifteen good rides, I had the place pretty much to myself. The air temperature’s pretty warm, but the water was about 84 degrees F.  I would say, real comfortable.

After my session I hit the motel pool to relax, then showered and rinsed my gear. I took a trip to the CVS on A-1-A for a few things. While driving back on Ocean Boulevard I passed a hot young surfer, about 17,  on his bicycle, his shortboard under his arm, his blond hair fluttering in the breeze. You see the most beautiful young men over here, all suntanned and fit and normally wearing nothing but boardshorts.

Tomorrow a friend from Orlando will join me here around one in the afternoon. I’ll do a sunrise surfing session tomorrow morning if there are waves, then do some writing till my friend arrives. We plan a trip to Sebastian Inlet, Florida’s premiere surfing break. (Not to surf, but to watch the best surfers in Florida perform.) It’s a beautiful spot. You can read about it in my short story, Sebastian Inlet. It appears in the Surfer Boys anthology published earlier this year by Cleis Press. Here’s the link:

Enjoy your Thursday night, everyone.

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