Another cool day on the island, another nice sunset on the way …

Hi, friends and readers:

I had a busy day, but now it’s around six in the evening and it looks like we’re due for another beautiful sunset. I’ll certainly be there.

Speaking of beautiful, a reader sent me the photo I’ve posted here. I think it’s really nice. The young man is handsome and the backdrop’s interesting. It looks like Southeast Asia to me. Anybody know?

I spent the afternoon working in my yard. It was so beautiful outside I didn’t mind doing manual labor. Honest!

I spoke with my friend in Berlin this afternoon (it was late evening there) and we had a nice chat. It’s his twenty-eighth birthday today, which is hard to believe `cause I have known him since he was seventeen.

Lastly, I received more comments today from high school and college wrestlers, adding their two cents into the gay wrestler discussion. One young man from Minnesota says he’s in the closet and totally scared his teammates might find out he’s gay. He’s sure they’d ostracized him if they knew. How sad.

Okay, well I’ve got a bit of editing to do before sunset, so I am off.

Have a nice Thursday evening, all.

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