Inspiring comment from a gay high school wrestler …

Hi, friends and readers:

This morning I flicked on my PC and there was a comment from a young man named Kevin who lives in a farming community in Iowa. He said he Googled the search terms “gay high school wrestlers” and came upon my blog. After reading the recent posts and comments on gay wrestlers, he wanted to add his thoughts. Here’s what Kevin had to say:

“Hi, Martin. Thanks for raising the topic of gay guys participating in high school or college wrestling. I’m sixteen, a high school junior. I have wrestled since middle school. I have a shelf full of trophies. Last year I won the district championship in my weight class. I am also queer.

“It’s very lonely being a gay wrestler, at least where I live. We don’t have a GSA at my school, and nobody is open about being queer. If my coach and teammates found out I was gay they would force me to quit the team, I am certain. So, I can’t let anyone know (other than my best friend, Meredith, who’s so cool).

“My parents hope I can win a wrestling scholarship for college, but I’m not sure I want to. To me, it’s more important that I can be myself when I’m in college. I don’t want to keep hiding the fact I am gay.

“I’m wondering if any other guys following your blog right now are gay college wrestlers. Is it better in college? Are you out? Are your teammates okay with you being gay?”

Okay, first of all: Thanks, for writing, Kevin. I’m posting part of your comment here. Anyone care to address Kevin’s questions?

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