Off to visit a gay resort …

Hi, friends and readers:

Those of you who follow this blog know I spent a lot of time in bars and nightclubs this summer in Berlin, so it might surprise you to know that I rarely go out to bars or clubs here in central Florida. To be honest, I don’t find them very appealing: a lot of pretension and posing and too many phonies.

Despite this, I am meeting friends this evening for drinks at a new gay resort in my city. This place has a “Sunday Tea Dance”, starting  around four P.M., and it goes on for hours. Who knows, maybe it’ll be fun.

I received an angry comment from a BMXer in Baton Rouge, LA, telling me there were NO gay BMXers in his town, and if there were he’d personally “kick their asses” if they came to his track.

Who raises people like this guy? What makes people like him so defensive about gays participating in his sport? And why does he care what some other guy does in his private life? I don’t get it.

Wish me luck at the resort, friends.

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