Sexy, shirtless guy; hot sticky day on the Gulf Coast …

Hi, friends and readers:

Busy day for me: writing, tending to correspondence, running errands all over creation. We had a record high temperature here on Florida’s Gulf Coast today, but things are supposed to cool off over the weekend. I took a run around five this afternoon and it was brutal.

Does everyone like the photo I’ve posted here? I sure do. What a sexy guy.

A friend’s having me for dinner tonight, but first I’ll do sunset with my neighbors. There’s a nice breeze blowing this evening and it should be pretty down on the beach.

I had a nice comment today from a woman in Texas whose son is a skateboarder. He’s fifteen. He recently informed his mom that he’s gay and she is having some difficulty dealing with it. He told her she should read some of the posts on my blog, which he’s been following lately. She did, and she said it helped her feel better about her son’s sexual orientation, which made me feel awfully good. Hope things work out, Mom.

I’ve got a November first deadline on the story I’m presently writing, so tomorrow I need to get up early and get to work. No late hours for Martin tonight!

Have a nice evening, all.

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